Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Advocate Sonal Tiwary

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Cheque Dishonor -NIA Act U/s 138 when a person issues a cheque for his / her liabilities and the same cheque accepted by other Person & deposited in his bank account for clearance but cheque not cleared due to the reason of insufficient balance,Payment stop, Account closed whatsoever its called cheque dishonor,Cheque Bounce. We are Handling Cheque dishonor matters, Cheque bounce, payment stop case as per the rule & regulation of U/ s 138 NIA Act.

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We are Handling all types of property disputes.  Dividetion of Family Property, Sale of property, resale, Title search of property, Registration of Property, Sale Agreement of Property, Power of Attorney, Affidavit cum NOC, Civil suite under C.P.C. for temporary injunction on property etc.